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12 Patrols (PnP)


12 Patrols is a solo, mostly abstract strategy game played with 9 cards, 9 D6 dice, and 9 cubes.

Play as the Constable of the kingdom. Send out 12 patrols of knights and footmen to protect all 9 regions.

Game Overview

Draw, then place region cards in a 3×3 grid.

As a row or column of 3 cards is completed, add patrols (dice or cubes) between the cards that satisfy all the requirements in that row or column.

Win by placing all 12 patrols satisfactorily.

Set Up

  1. Roll all 9 dice. You may wish to arrange them by color.
  2. Place the 9 cubes near the dice.
  3. Shuffle the 9 region cards and place the deck face down.


  1. Deal 3 region cards face up.
  2. Place any one of the 3 anywhere in the kingdom, the to-be built 3×3 grid of region cards.
  3. Deal 1 card to replace the placed card.
  4. Place any one of the 3 available region cards adjacent to the already played card (to the left, right, top, or bottom). Cards must be played right side up (not rotated).
  5. If desired, immediately select one or more items (cubes and/or dice) to place in any open patrol spot – any empty spot orthogonally between any played region cards to satisfy the requirements (the symbols on the facing edges of the region cards). When a row or column of 3 cards is completed, then all items between those cards must be placed.
  6. Repeat steps 3 – 5 until all cards are played, or you can no longer satisfy the regions’ requirements.

—description from the publisher


Video Playthrough


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12 Patrols Rules

Version 2.0 rules for 12 Patrols. The game now contains 12 cards for variety. Select 9 to use each game.

>> Click to download PDF <<

12 Patrols Cards

12 Patrols, version 2.0 of the cards now contains 12 cards. Select 9 for each game.

>> Click to download PDF <<