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7 Wonders Duel (Solo Variant)


7 Wonders Duel has several fan created solo variants, and one official variant.

The official variant uses a few additional cards that you need to print at home.

The Scott variant

One of the simple fan created variants uses a dummy player called “Scott”. (Watch out, because even though he is stupid, he cheats).

This variant maps surprisingly well to the standard two player rules.

The goal of the Scott version is for you to get more points than Scott by the end of the game.

The rules are fairly standard and Scott follows some basic rules that keep the game moving along quickly.

As in the original game, each card that you acquire can be built, discarded for coins, or used to construct a wonder.

Each player starts with four wonder cards, and the construction of a wonder provides its owner with a special ability.

In the Scott version, the Architecture token is given to Scott at the start of the game. The full set of rules can be found under the “simple solo variant” link in the discussions below.

Players can purchase resources at any time from the bank, or they can gain cards during the game that provide them with resources for future building; as you acquire resources, the cost for those particular resources increases for your opponent, representing your dominance in this area.

A player can win 7 Wonders Duel in one of three ways:

– each time you acquire a military card, you advance the military marker toward your opponent’s capital, giving you a bonus at certain positions;

– if you reach the opponent’s capital, you win the game immediately;

– similarly, if you acquire any six of seven different scientific symbols, you achieve scientific dominance and win immediately;

– if none of these situations occurs, then the player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Solo bots

If you are looking for a more difficult opponent, the “Solo bots the Pantheon support” is what you are looking for.

In this solo version, each bot has a different personality and follows a different strategy.

Depending on the starting token, the strategies change for the AI player.

The architect. Focus is on building wonders and blue buildings but he will also try to push for military or economic victory if he is far enough ahead.

The warlord. Tries to win by military first. If that doesn’t work he’s discarding for money. So far the only bot that gains coins.

The philosopher. Attempts to get economic victory by getting all the greens he can get. If that doesn’t work he’s trying to score big through mathematics.

If you decide to play this version, read through the forum post for other changes that can make the game easier or harder.

7 Wonders Duel is very popular game. If you have it on your bookshelf, the solo game modes will add hours of fun when you cant find another player to challenge.

7 Wonders Duel – How To Play it Solo

Player feedback

The forums at BoardGameGeek often have good discussions about gameplay.
We have selected some of the best links below. (Links will open in a new window or tab)

Solo ideas and discussions

A selection of posts specifically about solo gameplay or solo variants

Solo Variants for 7 Wonders Duel

A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

Simple, quick solo variant for 7 Wonders Dual

A quick AI solo variant for 7 Wonders Dual.

>> Click to download PDF <<

7 Wonders Duel + Panteon My Solitare Variant.

I created solitaire variant for DUEL.

>> Click to download DOCX <<


Official rules of 7 Wonders Duel

Official rulebook of 7 Wonders Duel in English

>> Click to download PDF <<

7 Wonders Duel: A Plain and Simple Guide

Also now added an A5 super summary, shortening the rules to a double sided A5 version.

>> Click to download PDF <<

7 Wonders Duel – Abbreviated Rules (1 Page)

Truncated set of key rules (text only) to help introduce to new players and/or help refresh. Requires original rulebook to describe Buildings, Progress Tokens, etc.

>> Click to download DOCX <<