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Abstract Network (PnP)


Abstract Network is a one to three player abstract card game played using only twelve special playing cards.

A game with many simple yet strategic options, a game of strategy and pattern recognition.

Players take turns placing cards on an imaginary square/invisible grid of four by three (4×3) with the goal of connecting cards to form their chosen symbol and preventing their opponents from connecting theirs.

It is a puzzle to solve and a race to solve it first.

Solo Play

As in the original game the player choose between circle and square, the diamond shape is for the Deck A.I.

As you play the solitaire game you have limited actions. You may choose to either turn a card around 180 degrees or move a card from any outer position of the grid
to its opposite side position and slide the other cards accordingly to make room within the grid.

The objective is the same as in the original game, main goal is to be the first to assemble (up to) five of your chosen symbol according to the chosen difficulty level.

If you find it difficult to resolve, increase the amount of shapes the A.I has to assemble. The Solitaire Games could both be used as training and as cooperative games.

If at any point there is three diamond shapes within the grid, the player loses!



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Solitaire rules

Solitaire rules for the game.

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Print-and-play 12 cards of Abstract Network

12 cards, full color. Print-file.

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