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Battle for Moscow (PnP)


Free, relatively simple WW2 wargame.

The basic game lasts 7 turns by each side; the expanded rules set doubles that.

Many of the elements of wargames are presented here: zones of control, combat results table, movement and combat values, full strength versus half strength, terrain effects on movement and combat, turns divided into phases, and weather conditions for mud.

Solo Rules

There are no specific rules for solo play. However, playing both sides gives a good solitaire experience.



A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

Battle for Moscow – Rules.pdf

Includes house rules and several ways to expand the game

>> Click to download PDF <<

City Control Markers

Set of 11 double-sided counters to keep track of city control.

Letter sized, 1/2″. Light blue for German, orange for Russian.

>> Click to download PDF <<


Full colour inch-by-inch counters

>> Click to download PDF <<

Note : Map sheets can be found on the download page. (There are options for low ink or full color)