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Boonlake (Solo Option)


With a group of pioneers, you have left civilization behind to settle along the shores of Boonlake, a long-forgotten region inhabited by humans long ago.

This unexplored area beckons you! Become part of a new community and commit yourself to the common good.

Explore the landscapes, build houses and settlements, raise cattle, produce raw materials, and develop an infrastructure. Do your best to automate these processes.

Seize the opportunity to make the best of your new life in Boonlake.

Boonlake is an expert game in which you are finding yourself improving your life — and your group’s life — in this new territory…but how you accomplish this is completely up to you!

Due to a novel action mechanism, each game progresses differently.

Each action needs to be considered carefully since the other players also benefit from the action you choose.

Besides this, the action determines how far you may move your ship — the further and faster, the better!

—description from the publisher

Straight Up Solo – Boonlake

Boonlake – Solo Playthrough

Game in a Nutshell – How to play


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Boonlake – Quick Summary w/Solo

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English rules

Boonlake rules from DLP games

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