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Breakfast & Furious (PnP)


The Hungry Trucker Cafe is under new management and you’ve being hired as its chef. The new menu features all the greasy spoon favourites, as well as a few healthier dishes in an attempt to attract the more discerning clientele.

You’ll need to make regular visits to the local market to ensure that your fridge is well stocked with the best ingredients. And Get all the food orders out on time, otherwise you’ll be faced with very hungry, even furious, customers!

The game uses different coloured dice to represent different ingredients. The value of a die will indicate how fresh the ingredient is and this reduces each turn.

Choose ingredients from a pool of dice (the market) to add to your fridge (a bag). Randomly draw ingredients and place them onto the cards to complete orders, avoid penalties and gain rewards. A completed order also gives you a single use special action.

Can you complete enough orders to be awarded "Employee of the Month?".

—description from the designer


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BreakFast & Furious Rules v2

The rules of the game

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Breakfast & Furious v2

Breakfast & Furious: 9 cards, fronts and backs (version 2)

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