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Buried Beneath (PNP Solo Only)


Buried Beneath is a Solo, Worker Placement, Hero Defense game that fits in a mint-tin container.

Once a renowned and respected adventurer, you’ve long since retired to a peaceful town, tucked way up in the mountains.

You spend most days relaxing out in the sun or at the tavern, regaling local villagers with your heroic triumphs of the past. Today though, is not shaping up to be like most days…

Unknown to you, a primordial horror had been slumbering beneath this very town, but something has stirred it from its eternal resting. And to make matters worse, the energy emitted by the awakening has drawn the attention of the local monster population, who now amass outside the village.

You will be placing villager meeples at varying village locations to either gain stat points or perform actions like moving, attacking, using skills or rallying the Villagers to perform additional duties.

A villager’s location should be picked carefully, because invading monsters will be advancing towards the village center, causing villagers in their way to flee in terror!

After defending the village for 4 waves, the ancient horror buried beneath you emerges from underground, ready for a fight!

To win, defeat the final Boss after defending the village from 4 waves of monsters!

You lose if your Hero is defeated, all of your villagers have fled or you let at least 4 monsters reach the village center.


Buried Beneath – Play and Teach


A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

[PnP] – Buried Beneath – Cards

The print and play files for the cards needed to play Buried Beneath.

>> Click to download ZIP <<

[PnP] – Buried Beneath – Rules

The 3-page print and play Rulebook for Buried Beneath.

>> Click to download PDF <<