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CoraQuest (PnP Solo Option)


CoraQuest is an exciting and accessible co-operative dungeon crawling game for one to four people, aged six and up.

In CoraQuest the players work together to guide four adventurers exploring a dungeon, avoiding traps, finding treasure, fighting monsters, and sometimes rescuing a gnome called Kevin.

CoraQuest is a game that kids and grown-ups can play together and get equal amounts of fun from.

It’s also a game that sparks creativity – providing encouragement and guidance on how to create heroes, monsters and adventures to make CoraQuest your own.

All the artwork in CoraQuest is based on kids’ drawings, much of it sent in from all over the world by the wonderful CoraQuest community.

The art has been brought together by our "chief-colourer-in", Gary King, to make a unique and charming-looking game.

—description from the designer


CoraQuest Fun for EVERYONE! – Tabletop Rebellion

CoraQuest – How to play

Player feedback

The forums at BoardGameGeek often have good discussions about gameplay.
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Popular discussion topics

Discussions about modifying the game with new rules or ideas to make the game easier or harder.


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CoraQuest Print and Play Files

Version 5.4 of the coraquest rules

>> Click to download PDF <<

CoraQuest Rule Book

This is the rulebook that will be included in the Kickstarter edition of CoraQuest. this rulebook is not compatible with the print and paly version of the game

>> Click to download PDF <<

CoraQuest Quest Book

Quest Book for the family dungeon crawling game, CoraQuest

>> Click to download PDF <<

CoraQuest Customisation Book

A guide to making your own CoraQuest heroes, enemies and adventures. This guide is also included in the CoraQuest box.

>> Click to download PDF <<