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Count of Nine (PnP)


Count of Nine is a solo, 9 card, economic, city building Euro-style game.

You are the Count(ess) of the small territory of Nine. Search your land for resources to build basic structures that will provide more resources. Use these structures and resources to build up your small village into a powerful economic force.

Count of Nine is played with 9 double-sided cards containing up to 2 resources and up to 2 structures on each side of the card. There is no board, no dice, no cubes, no meeples, just the 9 cards, so it makes a great travel game.

The goal is to score the most victory points in a match, which is made up of 2 separate games.

In each game, first select one of the 5 "high structures" that will be your goal of the game. The 5 high structures are: Castle, Cathedral, Monument, Harbour, and Town Square.

Then, play through the deck of the remaining cards (called a round) and use resources on adjacent cards, and resources provided by already built structures to build additional structures. Play multiple rounds to get everything you need to build your selected high structure. Continue playing to accumulate additional victory points.

Victory points are awarded several ways:

– Victory points marked on some of the structure cards
– 1 victory point for each different structure built
– 2 victory points for each pair of identical structures built
– 5 victory points is a second "high structure" is built

Final score for each game is total victory points minus the number of rounds played.

Final score for the match is the total of both games.


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A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

Count of Nine Cards

2 pages, to be printed double-sided, or sleeved double-sided. Each card has in small font which structures are on the back side of the card (important to know during gameplay, but will also help to ensure cards are matched with correct card backs).

>> Click to download PDF <<

Count of Nine Rules, version 1.10

Latest version of the rules, January 2021.

No change to gameplay, minor clarifications added.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Count of Nine – MARS: COLONY NINE (3 files, including folder)

Count of Nine – Mars Colony Nine Rules.

There is no change to the rules, you play the same as you play the original Count of Nine. I’ve just updated these rules with the Mars art and colors.

>> Click to download PDF <<