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Deadeye Dinah (PnP)


In this in-hand solitaire Western campaign game, bounty hunter "Deadeye" Dinah Reeves is taking down a ring of crime bosses as a favor for her lawman little brother.

Aim impossible shots, brave fearsome perils, and stretch scant supplies in your hunt to bring in each crime boss, dead or alive (most likely dead).

As you progress, your legend will grow, striking fear into your enemies and granting you an edge…which you’ll need, ’cause you’ve set your sights on the toughest, meanest pack of varmints this side o’ the Wild West. Good thing you never miss.

This game was first published as an entry in the 2021 9-Card Nanogame Print and Play Design Contest, where it won several awards:

  • #1 Best Solitaire Game
  • #1 Best Original Artwork
  • #1 Best Cards-Only Game
  • #2 Most Innovative Mechanism
  • #3 Best Overall Game


Deadeye Dinah features a campaign with 8 unique missions, each lasting 4-6 encounters, and persistent character progression through each mission.

Each mission, or “job,” is hunting down 1 crime boss.

Start a job by setting up the deck for the boss you want to pursue.

To track down the boss, you play kit cards (Dinah’s equipment) to overcome each scene card (the trials she faces) stacked on top of the boss card.

A scene card can be an environmental peril or a shootout with hired thugs.

Each kit card is played as either a bullet to shoot or an item to use for special effects, but playing kit cards also leaves Dinah open to being shot and losing cards.

If Dinah overcomes a scene, you add the scene card to Dinah’s kit cards.

If she can’t overcome the scene, she must escape and lose cards.

If Dinah ever runs out of kit cards, and you can’t add any more, she fails the job and must start over.

Ending the Game

If Dinah overcomes all the scenes and reaches the boss, she must duel the boss by playing a bullet to shoot the boss while avoiding getting shot herself.

If she doesn’t fulfill both those conditions, the boss slips away and Dinah fails the job.

But if both conditions are fulfilled, Dinah wins the duel, captures the boss, and completes the job, earning reputation in the crime ring’s new territory.

As Dinah earns reputation, you upgrade her legend effect, a passive benefit she carries into each job.

-description from designer (modified for solo context)


Deadeye Dinah — How to Play (v1.1)


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Deadeye Dinah — Rules Booklet (v1.1)

This is the printer-friendly Rules Booklet for Deadeye Dinah Version 1.1, the version used in the 2021 9-Card Nanogame Print and Play Design Contest.

This Rules Booklet can be printed, assembled, and stored with the cards.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Deadeye Dinah — Cards (v1.1, Full Color)

These cards are all the components you need to play Deadeye Dinah. Version 1.1 is the version used for the 2021 9-Card Nanogame Print and Play Design Contest.

>> Click to download PDF <<