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Deadly Doodles (Solo Option)


In Deadly Doodles, 1-4 players simultaneously draw paths through a dangerous dungeon.

Draw cards, draw a path through your dungeon, and rack up points!

Collect loot and fight monsters…or run away screaming! Can you defeat the dragon for the big score?

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The game is started with an erasable map and marker. A deck of 36 cards is also shuffled and placed face down.

Deadly Doodles is played over 7 rounds and is scored at the end.

During each round, 4 cards are drawn to reveal pathways or traps that can be drawn on your board.

You can draw them in any order. Each path must link to an entryway or a previously drawn segment on the map.

The final score is calculated when all seven rounds have been completed.

  • Treasures are scored as 2 points each and then doubled if you cross the path of the dragon.
  • Each weapon is worth 1 point and matching monsters score as 4 points each.
  • Subtract 2 points for each monster you cross without the corresponding weapon.
  • Each entrance you don’t use is 1 point.

Solo players try to beat their best score. However, if you are playing with others, the highest score wins.


A recent Kickstarter campaign includes new rules for the base game and 6 new maps.

Cave entrances can be placed throughout the dungeon. They can be used like standard entrances to give quick access to the middle of the board.

Magic Doors are either open or closed based on a die roll at the start of each round.

Diamonds, Skull Coins, Cursed Emeralds, and Rune Gates have also been added to the base rules.

Note: You cannot play Deadly Doodles 2 without the base game (Deadly Doodles). Deadly Doodles 2 only contains the expansion cards and rules.

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