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Der Clou (Solo Option)


Der Clou – Roll & Heist is a cooperative or solo playable roll and write game, in which you have to use the abilities and tools of your character skillfully to get the most loot out of your heist.

From the kiosk to the Tower of London, from the cash box to the crown jewels, make the perfect burglary!

Each turn you roll 3 dice, which every player then has to use on his/her character sheet by filling rows with numbers or crossing out circles to activate their abilities and make progress on your heist plan.

You can use a combination of dice or use specials to manipulate the results, but you also have to fulfill conditions and use all dice.

The game ends, when you decide to leave or when you needed too much time and turn the alarm on.

Then your final score is calculated based on the loot you get and your overall performance as a thief.

This game was designed during the corona lockdown and is free to download as a print & play, to bring some board games to everybody during the social distance time.

You can also support your local game store with this game.

—description from the publisher (translated)


Clou Roll & Heist Playthrough


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Clou – Roll & Heist – Rules – English

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Clou – Roll & Heist – Characters – English

The characters, you can play in Clou – Roll & Heist.

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Clou – Roll & Heist – Scenarios – English

The scenarios for Clou – Roll & Heist.

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