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We look into some of the best solo dungeon board games. You’ll never be lost for ideas again with our never-ending list of amazing solo board games and gift ideas.

Iron Helm (Solo PNP)

    Fight, loot, make decisions and learn skills on your way to the dungeon’s boss

    Sanctum (Solo Option)

      Gather loot, level up and be sure to become strong enough to defeat the Demon Lord!

      Puzzle Dungeon (PnP)

        There are too many monsters. As a hunter, you will battle them and defeat their king.

        A4 Quest (PnP)

          Roll your way though a dangerous adventure to complete the quest.

          Gate (Solo)

            Light weight portable (mint tin) solo tower-defense game you can take to the pub

            DNGN (Solo)

              Solo print and play minimalist styled dungeon crawl with a branching campaign

              Unbroken (Solo)

                Survive the darkness of the underworld as a lone survivor of a monster attack

                Zogars Revenge (Solo)

                  Your task is to sneak into Zogar’s lair and reclaim the crown, and escape alive!

                  6×6 Tales (PnP)

                    Roll and draw the island as you investigate the origin of the monsters!

                    Goblin Mountain (PnP)

                      Your group of adventurers barely entered the labyrinthine tunnels of Goblin Mountain when the inevitable happens.