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Federation Stellar Force (PnP)


Do you have what it takes?

Can you achieve the rank of Grand Admiral before the blue-suited banal bureaucracy forces you to retire? Or will you heroically go down with your Heavy Cruiser in the midst of a hellfire of photon torpedoes and plasma cannon bursts?

All you need to do is advance 11 ranks, receiving 11 different ship assignments, while engaging in 22 different missions and acquiring up to 15 different skills.

You also are eligible for decorations and commendations of the highest order.

Sound like a lot to track? Nonsense! It is all contained on ONE page. You roll. You write.

Hopefully, you get promoted . . . or at least live to fight another day . . .

—description from the designer



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Federation Stellar Force – Rules

Version 2.0

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Federation Stellar Force – Game Page

Version 2.0

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