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We look into some of the best free board games. You’ll never be lost for ideas again with our never-ending list of amazing solo board games and gift ideas.

Agent Decker (PNP)

    Learn the ropes as a rookie spy in your first mission in this solo deckbuilding game!

    Bolets (Solo)

      Get the most amount of mushrooms while creating a path back home!

      Royal Assassin

        Defeat all the pretenders to the throne in this standard deck solitaire

        4XS (PNP, Solo Option)

          Your mission is to eXplore these new regions, eXpand your capabilities, eXploit Systems, and eXterminate those who try to stop you.

          Deep Space D6 (PnP)

            It was a trap! Roll your crew dice to survive the onslaught of an alien armada