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Goblin Mountain (PnP)


"Your group of adventurers barely entered the labyrinthine tunnels of Goblin Mountain when the inevitable happens: you get lost and the goblins get wind of your presence. Time to find a way out fast and, of course, fill your pockets with every gem and coin you can get your hands on on the way. And don’t forget to stick together! Because bad things happen when you split up the group… always!"

Goblin Mountain is a competitive dice-placement game, where 2 players take turns to move their adventurers (dice) through a linear dungeon and maximize treasure and fame while trying to make it to the exit without getting caught by the goblins.

—description from the designer

As part of the 2018 9-Card Nanogame Contest, Goblin Mountain won:

1st place – Best Artwork (34 competitors)
2nd place – Best Overall Game (70 competitors)
2nd place – Best Two Player Game (48 competitors)
2nd place – Best New Designer (33 competitors)
2nd place – Best Written Rules (47 competitors)
3rd place – Best Solitaire Game (25 competitors)
9th place – Most Innovative Mechanic (36 competitors)

9 cards
8 six-sided dice (2 orange, 2 yellow, 2 black, 2 blue)
9 cubes (2 orange, 2 yellow, 2 green, 3 blue)
1 pawn (solo mode only)

This game did well in the 2018 9-card Nanogame print and play design contest, where it came in third place for the best solo game of the contest.

Games take roughly 15 minutes to complete and involve placing 9 cards side-by-side as you work your way through the mountain.

If you like the Leap-Frog movement of Tokaido mixed with the Stat Manipulation of things like One Deck Dungeon, this game is an awesome micro game.

Solo Play

Solo mode has 2 difficulties as the player boards have a specially added location on them. The Village flips over to become a Goblin Warren where the Goblin King come running after your party so you do not take your time.

Dice are used to keep track of the strength of various characters throughout the game. Rogues are black, warriors are orange, mages are blue, and dwarves are yellow.

When a dice reaches zero, the adventurer has been captured by the goblins. At the end of the game, you add up your fame tokens to determine your overall score.

In solo mode, some of the dice are used to represent stealth.

The rules and cards are beautiful to print, with a version for low ink printing.

All 9 cards can be printed on a single double sided page



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Goblin Mountain PnP Cards v1.2.2

The cards in full color.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Goblin Mountain PnP Rules v1.2.2

Goblin Mountain Rule Booklet v1.2.3 (Pages)

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