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High Society (Solo Variant)


In High Society, players bid against each other to acquire the various trappings of wealth (positive-number and multiplier cards) while avoiding its pitfalls (negative number and divisor cards).

While bidding, keep an eye on your remaining cash – at the end of the game, even though all those positive-number cards might add up to a win, the player with the least money isn’t even considered for victory.

Solo Variant

Solo rules by John Kean, version 20210201.

These solo rules add elements of push your luck and hand management to the game.

The core concept of the game is unchanged, but new rules determine how the AI behaves.

Basically, the AI starts the bidding and will try to out-bid you until a particular number of cards have been bid.

This “bid target” is determined by the status value of the card being auctioned.

Once the number of money cards bid reaches the bid target, the AI stops bidding and the largest bid wins the auction

Different AI’s

The rules have several different AI’s. The AI opponents each bend the above rules in different ways that will require slightly different approaches to beat.

Sofia plays according to the basic rules above.

Frederick opens the bidding with three cards instead of one.

Each turn you bid against Magalie you must use exactly two bid cards.

Howard does not use a bid target, but instead draws up to two cards each turn to beat your bid. On your turn, you must beat his bid by at least $10.

Ingrid starts with only two sets of money cards (22 cards) but receives your trashed money cards into her discard pile.

Viktor lets you start the bidding. Once the bidding is over, if you are winning, he will draw one more money card to add to his total. You may not then counter-bid.

Carlotta starts with only two sets of money cards (22 cards). When she wins an auction, she places her highest bid card into her discard pile and trashes the rest.

Ivan does not let you bid any card with the same dollar value as any card previously bid (by you or by him) in that auction.

On her turn, Flora draws two cards, bids the lower one, and discards the other. She repeats this until she leads the bidding or until the bid target is reached.

To beat Luis you must have both the larger score and the most unspent money left at the end of the game.

Video Review High Society


A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

Exclusive Society – a solo mode for High Society

Exclusive Society is a solo mode for High Society.

This file gives the solo rules, including ten different AI characters (available also as optional AI cards in poker and tarot sizes).

>> Click to download PDF <<

High Society Rulebook (Standard multiplayer rules)

English language rulebook for High Society

>> Click to download PDF <<

High Society Homebrew Version

A homebrew remake of High Society.

>> Click to download PDF <<