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K-Day Kaiju War! (PnP)


K-Day: Kaiju War! is an action point allowance system solo dice game.

You will need a printout of the game sheet, 11 6-sided dice (6 in 1 color, 5 in another color), and tokens to represent the kaijus (giant monsters).

You play Zillasaur, a kaiju on a rampage to wreak havoc in Japan. Getting in your way are pesky human defense force and Guardian Kaijus that emerge to roam and protect the land.

To win the game, Zillasaur needs to score 300 victory points by destroying cities and battling the Guardian Kaijus, and stay alive at the end of 14 days.

At the start of each day, Zillasaur has 4 action points to either move, attack cities, gain hit points or engage in a Kaiju Battle using various modes of dice roll.

Will you be able to survive the tank onslaughts, a deluge of airstrikes, and ferocious kaiju-on-kaiju battles?



A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

Kaiju War! Game Rules – 1st Ed.

Includes kaiju token cut-outs in Annex of this game rules

>> Click to download PDF <<

Kaiju War! Color Game Sheet – 1st Ed.

Game sheet with a splash of color.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Alien War! Game Rules – 1st Ed.

Mini expansion with a few additional rules.

Plays on a different Alien War! Game sheet (side B)

>> Click to download PDF <<

K-day Pacific Rim 1st Ed

A Pacific Rim retheme with a new map, new Kaiju, and Jaegers to choose from (color version).

The file includes both the map and game sheet on 2 separate pages.

>> Click to download PDF <<