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Mower Mania (PnP)


Description from the designer:

In these days of recession, it’s not that easy to scrape an honest living. But there’s always a neighbour’s lawn waiting to be mowed.

Fortunately you have inherited your grandfather’s MowMaster 2000, in it’s day the height of grass removal technology. Unfortunately that day was about 100 years ago and mowing with it now is tricky, due to the machine’s somewhat limited functions.

Mind you don’t smash it into those trees, because it’ll cost you for repairs and watch out for that dog.

Above all try to steer clear of the customers’ flower beds and prize vegetables as they get very upset at the sight of beheaded daffodils or mashed marrow.

Mower Mania is a mix of puzzle/strategy (working out best routes through the gardens), resource management (your mower functions) and luck (dice for movement and randomness of garden tile layout).

When you land on a long grass tile, you turn it over to reveal it nicely mowed.

Landing on vegetables or flowers, however, results in loss of points (money).

Land on a pot, or go too fast into a tree or garden feature, and you’ll also sustain damage to your mower.

The amount you earn will be based on how much of the lawn you’ve successfully mowed (a minimum amount required to progress to the next garden) and how much damage you’ve caused.

You’ll then need to pay for mower repairs and to replenish mower functions you used.

Mower Mania was an entry in the 2016 Mint Tin Design Contest and did exceptionally well:

1st place: Best Overall Design
1st place: Best Theme
2nd place: Best Artwork & Graphic Design
3rd place: Best Written Rules


A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

Mower Mania v.3

All the tiles and cards

>> Click to download PDF <<

Mower Mania Rules v.3

Update includes new rule for swapping a flower/vegetable tile in the initial set up and also for no running over of the dog, as well as a couple of clarifications.

>> Click to download PDF <<