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Polyhedral Park Planner (PnP)


The biggest board gaming convention in the world is coming to your city, and local leaders want to develop a new city park to celebrate the event.

They have solicited designs from the most prestigious firms in town to see who can plan the best park according to the demands of the local population.

You, as a representative of one of these firms, must manage the limited budget of city hall and the restrictions of the proposed park site as you decide where to plant trees, lay paths, dig lakes, and build benches.

The park planner that pleases the most people will win the bid and be honored at the opening ceremony of the convention.

—description from the designer


How to Play Polyhedral Park Planner


A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

Official Rules

Updated rules (removed option to discard dice and fixed a couple of typos).

>> Click to download PDF <<

Park Sheets

(Warning : 50 pages)

2 per page, 100 total

>> Click to download PDF <<

Scoring Cards

Updated scoring cards with several changes to better balance scoring. Includes a few changes for multiplayer mode, but most of the changes affect solo play only.

>> Click to download PDF <<