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Puzzle Dungeon (PnP)


Puzzle Dungeon is a solitaire hand management, modular board, set collection game in which you control a monster hunter making their way through a dungeon filled with several types of monsters and their kings.

In Puzzle Dungeon, the player uses the limited cards in their hand and cards they deal into play from a deck to defeat enemies which are dealt randomly each game to form a unique board.

Players are limited by the order in which their cards are dealt and the order of the monsters in the dungeon, so a strong strategy is required to win.

Puzzle Dungeon features twenty double-faced monster cards.

The front of each monster card features an average monster of that type: a vampire, a goblin, or haunted armor.

The back of each monster card depicts that monster as a monster king.

There are four of each type of monster.

When the third monster of a type is defeated, the fourth is flipped over to the monster king.

Monster kings have punishing abilities and a strong effect on the game.

—description from the designer


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Puzzle Dungeon Rules ver. 3.1

Puzzle Dungeon Deluxe Rules

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