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RAF (Solo Option)


The Battle of Britain, 1940

RAF: The Battle of Britain 1940 is three games in one, on history’s greatest air campaign:

RAF:LION updates the classic original solitaire game — you control the RAF against the German raiders. All systems have been updated to reflect recent scholarship, notably the fatigue and patrol systems. Advanced rules cover late interception, VHF-equipped squadrons and evasion tactics, Ace squadrons, Forward Airfield Targets, Delayed RAF Response and more!

RAF:EAGLE reverses the solo game — you control the Luftwaffe planning and executing raids against the RAF. Also, you flip the map over for a German perspective on the campaign. Advanced rules include, High Command requirements, deep targets, Jabos and special rules for Ju-87 Stukas.

RAF: 2-PLAYER allows for head-to-head play. A separate German planning display is added to allow the German player to plan his raids in secret.

Each game has its own complete rules booklet.

176 Die Cut Counters
165 Cards
2 34" x 22" Maps
3 Rule Booklets
2 Player German Planning Board
2 Combat Damage Sheets (Double-Sided)
2 Miscellaneous Player Aids (Double-Sided)
1 Sequence of Play Sheet (Double-Sided)
1 Battle of Britain Historical Guide (reprinted from S&T Magazine #256)
2 6-sided dice
Storage Bags

Left Hand Reviews – #34 – RAF: The Battle of Britain 1940

(Eagle Version) – Mechanics at Play

Player feedback

The forums at BoardGameGeek often have good discussions about gameplay.
We have selected some of the best links below. (Links will open in a new window or tab)

Popular discussion topics

Discussions about modifying the game with new rules or ideas to make the game easier or harder.


A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

RAF Lion flipbook

Rules for RAF: Lion only…Each page has one or more steps, along with ALL the rules for that step (no referring to other sections or looking up special cases), including Advanced rules, Optional rules, most of the charts and some visual aids. The CRT is not included (it’s a full page by itself!). Just drop these pages into a binder and your rulebook-flipping days are over!

>> Click to download PDF <<

RAF props and markers (used in Stuka Joe’s playthrough videos)

This is a pdf file with the images of the props and markers I made for use in the playthrough videos I made for the game. I recommend that you print them on 8 1/2″ x 11″ sticker paper, laminate the paper, and paste them on plastic or cardboard.

This pdf file includes:
(1) Custom Raid Display
(2) Target photographs (which are placed over the Target box on the Raid Display)
(3) Arrows
(4) Abort, Disrupted, Light Loss and Heavy Loss counters
(5) Raid markers (showing size of Raid and DRM)
(6) Warning and Intelligence markers
(7) British and German Altitude markers
(8) Combat Results Displays
(9) Observer Corps markers

>> Click to download PDF <<

Unofficial Super Deluxe map LION / 2 players version

Complete 20mm token set for the Super Deluxe version of RAF.
You can find the HD file in the map link.

>> Click to download PDF <<