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Return to Dark Tower (Solo Option)


For an age, the tower lay in ruins.

Unbeknownst to the people of the realm, a great evil stirred in its bowels.

It started with strange sightings: a flock of crows flying in circles until they dropped from the sky, the lake frozen solid in the height of summer.

In time, they could not deny that which they most feared.

The evil had not been vanquished. The darkness would soon fall again. The tower will rise.

A "sequel" to the 1981 grail game, Return to Dark Tower is a game for 1-4 players who take the role of heroes.

Together, they gather resources, cleanse buildings, defeat monsters, and undertake quests to build up their strength and discern what foe ultimately awaits them.

When the heroes face the tower, the game shifts into its dramatic second act, where the players have one chance to defeat the enemy once and for all.

The game features both cooperative and competitive modes of play.

The game features traditional game mechanisms, such as engine building and resource management, paired with a technological interface unlike any seen before in games, including the titular tower, which holds more than a few secrets.

—description from the publisher

Return to Dark Tower First Impressions

Full Solo Playthrough Part One

Full Solo Playthrough Part Two


A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

Return to Dark Tower Rulebook English v1

Return to Dark Tower rulebook, English, v1

>> Click to download PDF <<

Return to Dark Tower Guide – 5 pages

This is a game aid to facilitate teaching and running the game in the style of my other aids. This condenses the 28 page rulebook into 5.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Return to Dark Tower – Deadly Skulls Variant

The intent of this variant is to make the tower itself more menacing and increase the tension around the emergence of skulls. A further intention is to add a strategic element to movement, granting advantages to ending your turn in a specific terrain, and making certain kingdoms more dangerous to specific heroes due to their terrain makeup. Requires the Alliances Expansion

>> Click to download DOCX <<

RTDT Reference Sheet

1 page reference sheet that includes all the icons.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Return to Dark Tower Foe Guide

This is a simple spreadsheet that takes all the info from the foe/adversary cards and condenses it into one table for quick reference. I find this handy especially when using the miniatures instead of chits. There are two sheets, one is color coded for types.

>> Click to download XLSX <<