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Shake Up (Solo Option)


The IT company is staring Chapter 11 in the face.

Its cost of operations is too high, its revenue too low. In a last ditch attempt, it is looking to hire a top tier business consultant to turn this around.

Alas, there are many such persons claiming to be the best. To filter mere noise from the elite, the company has called upon the consultants with the most potential to share their business proposals – You are one such.

Shake Up sits in a very rare tabletop genre: reverse deck-building or also known as a deck destruction game.

Players each have their own deck of cards, which are completely identical decks since they represent the same employees of the same IT company.

How each player handles the company will be different though, and that is where the better consultant will stand out. The first consultant to put the company into the green wins!

Every turn players draw 4 cards from their own deck, and determine how to utilize those cards’ abilities.

Players are also allowed to perform a ‘Lay Off’ action, permanently removing an employee from the deck.

While this may seem bad, it makes their deck more efficient in the style they want to build towards.

They also save on that employee’s salary, especially if it is a highly paid executive! Note however, that the higher ups usually have greater experience and better abilities.

Starting off the game with some debt, players will slowly clear them away as well as make some profit through new business projects.

How then do consultants interact in the game? Their sales folks can try to hustle the other team, messing up their rivals’ business proposals!

Of course, those same rivals will likely also have their own purchasing and accounting departments to protect themselves from red herring purchases.

How To Play Shake Up In 3.5 Minutes

Shake Up Dice Tower Playthrough


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Shake Up Rulebook v1.0

The official rulebook v1.0

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Official Errata and FAQ

Updated for spelling errors on Assistant Marketing Director as well as Junior Marketing Executive.

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