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Snowbirds (PnP)


Description from the designer:

Winter is coming, and your flock of snow geese must make their annual migration south.

Your objective is to guide your flock from North to South, along a series of randomly constructed journeys.

At each location, you will need to make the best use of your limited actions to keep your flock healthy, well-fed, and always on the move.

Success depends on balancing the resources available against the risks of the journey.

Action cards may be played for one of several purposes, but as single-use resources, must be balanced against competing needs.

Will you forage for food, or fly on an empty belly? Each flight brings a roll of the dice, and a risk of exhaustion, which you can offset by sacrificing future flights. Exhaustion and hunger always loom.

Your goal is to reach the South before running out of actions, before your flock is too worn out to continue.

Can you fly them all home?


Snowbirds playthrough


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Snowbirds PnP Components – First Edition

Print and play color components for Snowbirds. Includes card fronts as well as optional color card backs.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Snowbirds PnP Rules – First Edition

Print and play rules for Snowbirds.

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