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We look into some of the best solo print and play games. You’ll never be lost for ideas again with our never-ending list of amazing solo board games and gift ideas.

Puzzle Dungeon (PnP)

    There are too many monsters. As a hunter, you will battle them and defeat their king.

    Deep Space D6 (PnP)

      It was a trap! Roll your crew dice to survive the onslaught of an alien armada

      Kaiju Siege (PnP)

        You command a group of peasants and warriors, with help from your allies, to defend your castle against the Kaiju Siege

        Dice of Arkham (PnP)

          Evil cultists are trying to summon a creature that will, as is often the case in these kinds of stories, destroy the world as we know it.

          Cure Runner (PnP)

            Overcome dangerous situations in a dystopian ruined city, seeking valuable booty.

            Der Clou (Solo Option)

              Use the abilities and tools of your character skillfully to get the most loot out of your heist

              A4 Quest (PnP)

                Roll your way though a dangerous adventure to complete the quest.

                Micro City (PnP)

                  Challenge yourself in this micro quest to develop the ideal city design

                  For Northwood (Solo)

                    Cute woodland animals engage in debate in this tactical solo trick-taking game

                    12 Patrols (PnP)

                      Send 12 patrols to secure the borders of 9 regions, but place then very carefully!

                      Inception (PnP)

                        Cobb and his team of Extractors are offered a job to implant an idea into a person’s mind by infiltrating their dreams

                        Gate (Solo)

                          Light weight portable (mint tin) solo tower-defense game you can take to the pub

                          DNGN (Solo)

                            Solo print and play minimalist styled dungeon crawl with a branching campaign

                            Palm Island (PnP)

                              Develop and gather resources to grow an island that fits in the palm of your hand

                              3 Dice (Solo)

                                A dungeon crawler that only requires 3 dice and no gamebook

                                Haze Islands (PnP)

                                  Defeat or survive the ominous Doom as you explore and venture into Haze Islands.