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Undaunted Normandy (Solo Variant)


June, 1944: Through the D-Day landings, the Allies have seized a foothold on the beaches of Normandy.

Now you must lead your troops forward as you push deeper into France and drive the German forces back.

You will face intense resistance, machine gun fire, and mortar bombardment, but a great commander can turn the situation to their advantage!

Undaunted: Normandy is a deck-building game that places you and your opponent in command of American or German forces, fighting through a series of missions critical to the outcome of World War II.

Use your cards to seize the initiative, bolster your forces, or control your troops on the battlefield.

Strong leadership can turn the tide of battle in your favor, but reckless decisions could prove catastrophic as every casualty you take removes a card from your deck.

Take charge amidst the chaos of battle, hold fast in the face of opposition, and remain undaunted.

—description from the publisher

How to Play Undaunted Normandy Solo

Undaunted: Normandy – Solo Review


A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

Undaunted: Normandy English Language Rulebook

English Language rulebook for Undaunted Rulebook.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Undaunted: Normandy English Language Scenario Book

English Language scenario book for Undaunted Rulebook.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Solo AI Cards v1.0 (One Stop Co-Op Shop)

This is an updated version of the Letter-sized file, with a small fix to objective preference. Graphic design by Hath22.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Solitaire A.I.

Last version including game balances and now also the Platoon Guide.

>> Click to download PDF <<

An Initiative Mechanism for Solo Play

First version of an initiative scheme that allows solo play, inserting a random element while preserving the card selection and discard mechanism and retaining some of the related tactical decision making. I’ve played a couple of 1st learning games using d10 with these rules which seem to cover off the main noted deficiencies of earlier suggested rules for initiative in solo play. May tweak these once I have some significant two player experience.

>> Click to download TXT <<

Undaunted: Normandy Scenario 13 – Castle Itter

A free downloadable scenario designed by David Thompson and Trevor Benjamin, pitting a coalition force against the Germans in the Battle for Castle Itter

>> Click to download PDF <<

Night Owls Scenario

Custom Scenario for Undaunted Normandy

Late on the evening of July 17th a Squad of US soldiers began a reconnaissance mission to advance the position of the infantry. In the
dark, the squad encountered an attack from both of their sides and were pinned into a small farm. The squad suffered several
casualties, including the squad leader. One support squad was positioned in the area, and quickly acted to save the recon
squad. Hold off German forces and gain control of nearby villages to advance the US position.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Several scenarios with custom rules and new units

Several units are trapped on the hills separated from the rest of the group, we need to send reinforcements and get them out of there.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Scenario: Utah Beach Landing

Changed the text (no Marines any more), excluded the Gunners of the US (and Sniper cards because they don’t play a roll for the US in this scenario) to balance the game a bit. It still is a big challenge for the German side!

Please ignore the Gunners of the US on the map

>> Click to download PDF <<

Scenario Creation Contest – Saving Private Scafide

Here is my entry for the Scenario Creation Contest

It’s a tribute to one of my favourite movie. I tried to include some innovative elements (such as a suppressed US Rifleman from the very beginning of the game) and to use the radio marker. It would be great if I could receive some feedback from BGG community!

>> Click to download PDF <<

Race to The Exit: A D-Day Scenario

This is a fan-made scenario for use with Undaunted Normandy. All art was created by the scenario creator, but follows the recognizable Undaunted: Normandy format. No copyright material from the game is contained in this document. Fans are encouraged to give it a try for personal game-related use and to offer constructive criticism to help improve the scenario.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Scenario: Paratrooper at Sainte mere eglise

This scenario is based on the famous rescue of John Steele hanging on the Church Tower of Sainte Mère Église the day before D-Day.

The upcoming rescue mission is hard because the Scouts from Squad C are landed in another field. Setting up radio communication allowing them to reinforce the other squads. Just as long until the Germans take over control of the Radio Tower. Be sure to defend it!

After killing an US Scout C, don’t remove it from the game but put it back in the supply.

To rescue John Steele just reach him with a Rifleman or Gunner squad at the Church (see objective Point 1). When this Squad retrieves him back to the entry point at A/B they will succeed! So you don’t need to control Objective Point 1.

Germans will win when they pin all Rifleman OR kill the squad rescueing John Steele. Have fun playing this custom scenario!

>> Click to download PDF <<

Scenario : The Great Escape

This scenario introduces Line of Sight in a simple form and a map which has some gaps between tiles.

>> Click to download PDF <<

The Siege an Entry for the Undaunted: Normandy – Surrounded Scenario Contest

My entry for the Undaunted: Normandy – Surrounded Scenario Contest. It’s the first time I’ve tried anything like this before so feedback is most welcome. I hope you enjoy.

>> Click to download PDF <<

No Dice Variant

With this variant the game can be played without dice. Deck management becomes more important and there is less uncertainty in general.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Scenario: Sannia Wald

Entry for the 2020 Scenario Creation Contest: Surrounded. Version 1.
Feedback welcome. Happy gaming!

>> Click to download PDF <<

Entrapment scenario

Scenario for the August 2020 contest.

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