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Unterseeboot : U-Boat (PnP)


Unterseeboot: U-Boat Solitaire is a solitaire print-n-play (PnP), press your luck wargame that depicts the dramatic operations of a German WWII submarine.

As the commander of a Type VIIA U-boat, your mission is to patrol your zone, maneuver to identify targets, sink as much Allied shipping tonnage with your complement of seven torpedoes, and avoid being sunk by Allied destroyers and aircraft.

Your patrol will last up to 20 turns, but may well end sooner if all of the Allied shipping has been destroyed or if your U-boat is lost at sea.

You will need to manage your boat’s damage, battery power, and your limited number of torpedoes to successfully return from your patrol.



A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

Unterseeboot Rules (2020 edition)

Unterseeboot (Solitaire) – 21 July 2020 Update

>> Click to download PDF <<

Main board sheet color redesign

A redesign of main board sheet

>> Click to download PDF <<

Unterseeboot Game Board – Color Patrol Map Variation

Here is a little variation to Mike Haught’s super redesigned Game Map, I just added a little colour to the Patrol Map Area for a bit of added flavour.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Unterseeboot Campaign Map

Use with the Campaign Game.

Sheet 1: Campaign Map of the North Atlantic
Sheet 2: U-boat, Destroyer, Aircraft, and Tonnage Sunk tokens

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