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Welcome To… (Solo Option)


In Welcome To, players are American architects in the 50s during the Baby Boom. But beware of the competition!

Who will best accomplish the city’s plans by creating the nicest housing estates in the three streets they’ve been assigned?

Will your luxurious parks and fancy pools be enough to earn you title of Best Architect?

Architects gradually develop their three streets by building houses, identified by their numbers.

Houses will be grouped into housing estates, but only fully-completed ones count at the end of the game.

Parks and pools help to improve the neighborhood.

Architects can raise the quality of their constructions in order to promote their estates’ value.

All of this while trying to be the first to complete the City Plans!

Finally, by increasing recruitment through temp agencies, architects can hasten the construction and get in the mayor’s good graces.

Solo Rules for Welcome To…


Shuffle the Construction cards, effect side face up and randomly deal out two equal stacks.

Shuffle the Solo card into one of these two stacks, then place this stack under the other without shuffling again.

Shuffle and randomly pick three City Plan cards. Place them “Project” side face up next to the Construction cards.

Take a player sheet from the pad and a player aid.

Game turn:

At the beginning of the game, draw 3 Construction cards. Then, choose two of the three cards, one for its number, and one for its effect. Discard the remaining card.

A player can always refer to the corners of the card on its number side, as it displays the effect from the reverse side of the card.

Perform actions using the two cards as you would in the multiplayer game, discarding after playing them.

Begin a new round by drawing 3 new cards and repeat.

When the Solo card is drawn, all Plans are considered “approved” and it is no longer possible to achieve the higher score. Turn over the Plan cards to their “approved” side.

All other rules from the classic game remain the same.

End of the game:

The game ends when the stack of cards is empty, or one of the three end conditions of the basic version occurs.

The player counts their points as in the classic mode. Exception: in the Temp Agency, the player only earns 7 points if they hired at least six temps. Less than
six and the player receives zero points.

How to Play Welcome to…


A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

Welcome To English Rules 2.0

This is the English rules from Deep Water Games.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Welcome To Entirely Fillable Player Sheet PDF

>> Click to download PDF <<

Welcome To – Score Sheet – Printer Friendly

This is a custom 2-up B&W printer-friendly score sheet for Welcome To. Made for 8.5 x 11″ paper and laser printing, but should be fine for ink jet as well.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Welcome To: The Dice Land

We need two blue dice, two white dice and two red dice. In addition to the City Plan playing cards.

Three dice are thrown (one red, one blue and one white) and placed on their corresponding place on the game board. They will indicate which cards are available in this round, normally 3, but if blue and White dice goes to the same card, only two cards are available this round.

After this, we roll the three remaining dice to get the numbers (red, blue and white) and look at their values which will have a variation according to the position of the first dice of the same color placed on the cards, with sums of 0 , +5 or +10. If you roll a 6 on any of these dice, that sum does not count and the die is removed in that turn. With this, All the numbers from 1 to 15 have the same chance.

Choose one of the cards on which a die has been placed and one of the final number you have obtained and play normally.

Example: Table dice: 2 White, 5 Blue, 1 Red
Number dice: 4 White, 3 Blue, 2 Red

You can select the Landscaper card, or the Surveyor one, or the Pool one.
For numbers, you can select a 4, a 13 or a 2.

There are 28 rounds, in the solitaire mode on round 15 the City Plan cards are turned.

I have put a table of values from 1 to 15 so that it is more visual and to know which number is more in the center and which more at the ends.

A greeting and I hope you like this variant.

>> Click to download PDF <<