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Xeno Siege (PnP)


You are the only soldier remaining. Xenomorph invaders have wiped out your entire squad.

You figure the sentry guns could help thin out the Xenomorphs so you can get to some spare supplies.

With the right upgrades to your combat suit, you may be able to take on the Xeno Queen and put an end to this siege.

Xeno Siege is solitaire game of resource management.

Choose 1 of 5 Combat Units equipped with variable weaponry. Your unit is powered by 2 sources of energy, represented by blue and yellow dice.

Roll and place these dice to activate actions to move, attack, and upgrade your combat unit.

For the final battle, face 1 of 5 Xeno Queens, each with its own special attack and defense. Will your upgraded Combat Unit stand a chance against the ferocious Xeno Queen?

—description from the designer



A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

Xeno Siege Game Rules – v1 Sep 2018

5-page game rules with 1 page of Annex providing additional information on the units.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Xeno Siege Game Sheets – v1 Sep 2018

Lower ink version

>> Click to download PDF <<

Xeno Siege Expansion

Typo edit (sp. Matriach -> Matriarch)

>> Click to download PDF <<

Xeno Siege Expansion – Game Sheets_v1

Corrected typo (sp. Matriach) for Xeno Matriarch game sheets

>> Click to download PDF <<

Expansion – Alternate Facility Map

Alternate Facility Map – please refer to Expansion rules

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