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Zapanhak (52 Card Deck)


Zapanhak is a simple solitaire survival game that can be played using regular playing cards and a few tokens or coins.

This game mimics a classic CCG duel but pares it back to its most basic elements.

You play as a sorcerer fighting for your life against a horde of deadly creatures, casting spells and summoning creatures of your own.

Creatures are made up of two cards: one for attack and one for defense.

You bring your ally creatures to life by choosing which of the cards in your hand will be used for their attack and defense.

Each of your creatures will be given a turn each round, which they use by attacking or blocking an enemy creature.

You and your virtual opponent take turns sending creatures into the arena, with enemies in one row and allies in another row underneath.

The goal of your enemies is to kill you and anything that gets in their way.

Your allies benefit from your spells and can combine some attacks and defenses, as well as save certain turns for later use. But your enemies are relentless and have a greater range of attack and defense.

To win, you must play through the deck and defeat the entire horde of attacking enemies before your life is reduced to zero. You lose if you fail to achieve this objective for any reason.


  • 1st place – Best Traditional Card, Tarot, or Decktet Game
  • 2nd place – Best Push Your Luck/Survival
  • 3rd place – Best Overall Game
  • 3rd place – Best Rule Book

-description from designer



A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

Zapanhak rulebook

This version contains basic and advanced rules for the game, as well as playthrough examples.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Optional print components

The latest print-and-play file contains a custom deck and tokens for easier calculations and more theme, as well as new components for the advanced game.

>> Click to download PDF <<