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Fairy Tale in My Pocket (PnP)


Today is the big day! The prince has found his true love and will marry her when the sunsets.

Everybody in the kingdom is rejoicing. Well, everybody, that is, except for you.

You, a simple peasant, have just received a most unexpected visitor: the princess’ fairy godmother! She has warned you that all is not as it seems.

The woman that Prince Micah is about to marry is not his one and only Princess Abigail, but is really an impostor who hopes to take over the kingdom for her own evil plans!

She has placed an enchantment over the real princess, who now lies fast asleep in a cottage deep in the forest.

The fairy godmother has explained to you that the only way to save the kingdom from a terrible fate is to awaken the princess with a rose and get her back to the castle in time to stop the wedding.

Many dangers await, but the fairy godmother is willing to help you out on your perilous quest…for a small price (hey, even fairy godmothers need to eat!).

Will you save the kingdom and live happily ever after? There’s no time to lose if you wish to succeed. The sun is already beginning to set….


Fairy Tale in my Pocket is a spinoff of Zombie in my Pocket that can be played solo or cooperatively with kids.

In the game, you must explore the forest and the kingdom, creating the tile board and resolving event cards as you go.

Some of these events allow you to buy helpful items from peddlers or to earn gold by spending time helping famous fairy tale characters.

However, saving a kingdom is hard and dangerous work, and other events have you meeting up with robbers, dragons, and other unsavory characters who are hazardous to your health.

Not only must you survive these encounters, but you must find the rose, awaken the princess, and return to the castle before the sun sets (three times through the event deck) in order to succeed.

A number of scenarios have also been created to vary the gameplay.



A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

Fairy Tale in My Pocket

Save the kingdom before the sun sets. Solitaire or cooperative play. Good for playing with kids.

Includes tile sets, dev cards, item and goal cards, 2 player aids, card backs (with and without lines), and pocket rules.

>> Click to download ZIP <<

Fairy Tale in My Pocket Character Pawns

Six character pawns to construct. Includes characters from the original Fairy Tale in My Pocket rules and from the first scenario book, Enchantress of Dark Woods. The pawns can be folded flat for storage, and can be slipped over a 3/4 in. wood cube to make them feel sturdier.

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