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Risk (Solo Variant)


Possibly the most popular, mass-market war game. The goal is conquest of the world.

While there is no official solo version of Risk, there is a fan made set of rules that are worth playing

Risk Solo Variant

A few simple rules modifications make this game easy to play alone. Assign territories like you normally would and randomly place reinforcements for the other “players” using the Risk cards.

Use Secret Mission cards (or create your own) to assign each “player” an objective for winning and play the game!

Here is a method for setting up a solo game that is completely random during set up so it takes any biases you might have out of the game.


First remove all wildcards and mission cards from the deck and deal the remaining cards into 6 piles if you are playing a “6 player” game, 5 piles for a “5-player” game, etc.

Use the game rules to determine how many armies each player should have, like getting 20 armies apiece if there are 6 “players.”

To decide when you get to place your armies roll one dice, whatever number turns up is your place in the turn order of the game.

Place one army on each territory until all the territories have at least one army.

Just like in a multiplayer game, some “players” will get more territory cards than others.

Take each individual pile that each “player” has and shuffle it.

For the non-human “players” turn up the top card and place an army on that territory.

Here’s a hint, if you have trouble remembering the turn order (I do), line up a token from each color in a row, in their turn order, as a reminder.

You could use a token to mark which pile of Risk cards belongs to each color the same way.


After placing all the initial armies it’s time to start placing reinforcements.

After shuffling turn over the top card on each player’s deck and place an army there.

Following the exact turn order for the other players is not important for placing reinforcements but yours is.

If you’re the fifth player then the other 4 non-human players should place their reinforcements first, then you, then the sixth player.

After placing the reinforcement put the card back into the player’s individual deck and shuffle.

Place your reinforcements the same as you would in a normal game, with the exception being that you can’t have two armies more than opposing armies in adjacent territories.

This prevents you from gaining an unfair advantage over your “opponents” at the start of the game.

For instance, if you have Argentina and Gray has 3 armies in Brazil and Green has 2 armies in Peru, the most armies you can place there is 5 (2 more than Gray has in Brazil).

For your reinforcements you could also let the cards randomly determine where your armies go instead, or if you want to add a little strategy and randomness to your placement you can follow this process.

When it is your turn you place your reinforcements like you normally would on the first round, but the second one is randomly placed by drawing a card from your territory deck.

Randomly place an army every-other turn using the card deck.

Secret Missions

Once all the armies are placed turn in all the territory cards and shuffle them together.

Deal 1 Secret Mission card to each player.

If your game doesn’t have any create the ones that are included in the other games or create some of your own.

Unlike the regular game each Secret Mission card is exposed.

Each non-human player pursues the Secret Mission to the exclusion of all else.

End of Game

Once a player accomplishes a Secret Mission the game is over.

Your goal is to prevent another “player” from achieving theirs while completing your own.

Learn To Play Risk

The Toy Channel: A Brief History of Risk


A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

Risk: The World Conquest Game – English / Engels

Manual to play Risk: The World Conquest Game in English language.

>> Click to download PDF <<

RISK Secret Mission Cards

I have several copies of Risk — but, sadly, none came with the cards needed for the “secret mission” variant. I enjoy that variant much more than vanilla Risk, so I decided to make my own set of mission cards. I made a Napoleonic version and two different modern versions, for use with differently-themed editions.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Official Classic Risk Strategy Tips

This is a compendium of strategy tips gleaned from the official Risk rule books, 1959 through 2003, and the current (2010) Hasbro Risk 2008 website.

>> Click to download DOC <<

Risk_DIY_Mission Cards

pdf version of this file

>> Click to download PDF <<

3 Risk Variants

Nuclear Risk, Tactical Nuclear and Retreats

>> Click to download TXT <<

Random Events for Risk

Random event rules for Risk used to incorporate random natural disasters and human made disasters into the game. pdf version with some rule clarification added.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Simple Weighted Risk Units: Variant Rules

Simple variant rules that finally make the infantry, cavalry, and artillery have different capabilities and strengths. To play this variant you will need 5 four sided dice and 1 eight sided die in addition to the 5 six sided dice provided in the base game.

>> Click to download DOC <<

The Missions of “Risk II”

This is all the mission that I have identified.
Some missions was a bit “alterated” in order to work as a board game, for example changing the name of a particular Player (or General), for the color of the respective army.
But, beside that, all the missions all original shown by the computer on the PC game of Risk II.

I hope you like it… see yaaa

>> Click to download DOC <<