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The 7th Continent (Solo Option)


It’s the early 20th century. You have decided to sail back to the newly discovered seventh continent to attempt to lift the terrible curse that has struck you since your return from the previous expedition.

In The 7th Continent, a solo or cooperative "choose-your-own-adventure" exploration board game, you choose a character and begin your adventure on your own or with a team of other explorers.

Inspired by the Fighting Fantasy book series, you will discover the extent of this wild new land through a variety of terrain and event cards.

In a land fraught with danger and wonders, you have to use every ounce of wit and cunning to survive, crafting tools, weapons, and shelter to ensure your survival.

Unlike most board games, it will take you many, MANY hours of exploring and searching the seventh continent until you eventually discover how to remove the curse(s)…or die trying.

The 7th Continent features an easy saving system so that you can stop playing at any time and resume your adventure later on, just like in a video game!

7th Continent – Video Review (No Spoilers)

The 7th Continent – How to Play in 8 Minutes

7th Continent – Setup and Rules


A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

The 7th Continent: Rulebook (Kickstarter Alpha version)

The 7th Continent – rulebook (work in progress)

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The 7th Continent PnP (Reduced Size PDF)

The official PnP for The 7th Continent, but I have reduced the file size in Adobe Acrobat Pro X.

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7th Continent Campaign Save Sheet Solo v1.0

One campaign of 7th Continent just isn’t enough!

With this file, you can fully save a solo campaign of 7th Continent (see also a 2p version) and completely reset the box. This allows you to play a solo campaign Monday – Friday and then play a different campaign with your game group on Saturday… and you can save and resume both games whenever you want!

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7th Continent Community FAQ


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The 7th Continent holistic summary

All the must-have rules from the base game and all expansions, integrated and summarized to fit on a single sheet of paper.

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