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The Brambles (Solo Only)


You are the Teller, a local practitioner of spiritual arts and keeper of “The Collection”, a set of Tarot-like cards compiled from various old sources.

For generations, the knowledge of the Collection has been passed down to Tellers to be used to tell fortunes, give blessings, cast spells, and most importantly to fight the dark evils that inhabit the haunted brambles.

This morning, two local children have gotten trapped by the dark evils in the brambles.

Parishfolk are counting on you as the Teller to use the Collection to fight the dark evils and free the children from the wicked brambles.

The Brambles is a solo card game where your goal is to save the children caught by the dark evils of the haunted brambles.

To release the children, you must play different card combinations powerful enough to defeat the 20 Bramble Evils, thereby releasing the children.

If you fail to defeat the evils before the Collection runs out, the children are lost to the Brambles forever.


The Brambles Playthrough, Review & Tutorial

Brambles How to Play (2021 Final Rules)


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The Brambles – Card sized Reference

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