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The Epic of Gil & Ennis (PnP)


"Teachers suck.
Parents suck.
People suck.
Everything everywhere sucks.
You’re all I’ve got left."

After a traumatic event, best friends Gil and Ennis run away from home and spend six nights dreaming in the wilderness, before climbing the perilous Mount Humbaba and confronting their own personal demons.

Inspired by the legends of Gilgamesh and childhood adventure films like The Goonies, The Epic of Gil & Ennis is a dice-rolling and management game for 1 or 2 players, playable in 15 minutes.

In the game, 1 or 2 players, as Gil and Ennis will move through four phases on each turn: Hike, Pitch, Sleep, and Break.

In the Hike phase, they will advance to a new campsite on the map, on their way to the final Mount Humbaba space.

They will make camp during the Pitch phase, manipulating their dice as they prepare for the coming night.

During the Sleep phase they decide whether to dream alone or together, and will then spend dice to overcome Dream cards, gaining Insight or giving in to Worry.

In the morning, they will Break camp, depleting supplies and foraging for dice.

All along, players will be managing their dice through character abilities and Insights, as they try to keep the mounting Worry level at bay.

Players win if they reach the Mount Humbaba space of the map and meet the dice values of the final challenge.

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The Epic of Gil & Ennis rules

Full-page rulebook for the game.

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The Epic of Gil & Ennis cards

Three pages containing: card fronts, card backs, and player aid.

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