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Unconditional Surrender! (Solo Rules)


Unconditional Surrender! Case Blue (USCB) is a small, free Print-n-Play two player game covering the World War II military campaigns fought in southern Russia during 1942-1943.

One side controls the Axis forces, while the other side controls the forces of the Soviet Union.

USCB is a derived from the game Unconditional Surrender! World War 2 in Europe (USE).

Using essentially the same mechanics (plus naval units, strategic warfare, diplomacy, etc.), USE covers the entire war in the European Theater.

With only 80 counters, a small map, and much shorter rulebook, Unconditional Surrender! Case Blue provides an opportunity to try out the core of USE’s systems.

Design Highlights

  • Scale: army and air fleet level units; 30 miles per hex; monthly turns
  • Simple Stacking: Up to one air and ground unit per hex.
  • No Factors on Counters: There are no combat or movement factors on the counters.
  • Single Combat System: One combat resolution sequence and Combat Results Table covers air and ground combat, but the results differ for each type.
  • Integrated Movement/Combat System: Units move and fight in a combined activation.
  • Historical or Variable Entry: Units and events can enter play using an historical or variable time line.

Solo Rules

Given that nothing except the commitment of Event markers for combat are secret, USCB is a quite playable solitaire game.

To address the secret element, use the Will Commit/Will Not Commit markers to generate some uncertainty and randomness in the game.

For combats in which the decision to commit an Event marker or an air unit is not obvious, flip a Will Commit/Will Not Commit marker as you would a coin.

The side that lands face up decides whether an event marker or air unit will be committed to the combat.



A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

USCB All PnP Files

A zip file of all Print-n-Play PDF files needed to play the game.

>> Click to download ZIP <<

USCB expanded sequence of play

One pager which replaces Sequence of Play Flowchart, Operations Phase Flowchart and Non-CRT play aid. A4 portrait format.

>> Click to download PDF <<

CRT Alternate Player Aid

Player aid simplifying the CRT presentation, DRM list, and combat results.

>> Click to download PDF <<