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Agent Decker (PNP)


Agent Decker is a mission-based deck-building game for one player in which you acquire gear and skills by facing obstacles.

The alarm raises every turn, so you must pick who you take out. Do you go for the cool weapon, or take out the security camera?

Each mission takes about 20 minutes, and the game consists of five missions that are meant to be played in sequence.

There’s also a high score system, so you can try to beat your own best runs or compare your score against other players!


How to play Agent Decker (By Game Designer)

Agent Decker Setup and Playthrough (With color cards)


A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

Agent Decker CARDS – new art design edition

>> Click to download PDF <<

Reduced black ink, color cards

This makes it perfect for those of us who want to print on our inkjets, but also get nicer art than the official low-ink version of the cards.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Agent Decker – Tuckboxes, box and board with new graphic design.

>> Click to download PDF <<

ZOMBIE TAKEDOWN – An Agent Decker into a Zombie re-theme

Here are the Agent Decker re-themed cards for Zombie Takedown.

>> Click to download PDF <<