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Overbooked (Solo Option)


You have been thrust into the world of airline booking, and tasked with managing competing airlines.

You have to satisfy each passenger’s different needs to score prestige for your airline.

Book too few passengers, and you may not be able to fill your flight.

Book too many, however, and some passengers will obviously be really unhappy.

In a turn, you pick a passenger card with the orientation, quantity and type (colour) of passengers depicted on the card.

You, then, seat the passengers onto the plane according to the passenger card.

When any type of passenger runs out, the end game is triggered and points are counted and scored.

Can you be the one who satisfies the most passengers and be the most prestigious airline?

Overbooked Review – with Tom Vasel

Player feedback

The forums at BoardGameGeek often have good discussions about gameplay.We have selected some of the best links below. (Links will open in a new window or tab)

Solo ideas and discussions

A selection of posts specifically about solo gameplay or solo variants


A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

Overbooked Rulebook

This is the first draft for the rulebook in English

>> Click to download PDF <<

Overbooked game rules Jumbo version

English, Dutch, German and French rules

>> Click to download PDF <<

Overbooked Scoresheets

A simple scoresheet for the game Overbooked, to easily add up the points of all players at the end of the game. Two empty rows have been added for the scoring of the event cards, so the sheets can be used for both the base and advanced game.

>> Click to download PDF <<