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Bomber Boys (PnP)


Bomber Boys is a dice rolling and dice allocation game with a WWII theme.

You are managing the crew of an Allied aircraft during a series of air operations.

To win, you have to complete each of the given missions, and each mission ends with a target that you have to bomb for a major victory.

The game comes with five missions of progressive difficulty, and gameplay is based on a combination of decision-making and luck.

– Description from Solitaire Times website


VIDEO : Intro and How to Play

BoardGameGeek have a playthrough on their website

Image credit : Trey Harper BGG

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A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

Bomber Boys (A4 Printing Size)

Updated A4 Version for Duplex Printing

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Bomber Boys campaign

I like campaign elements to games and after doing the 5 mission for the game i made this to extend the game beyond the single mission aspect to the game.

With 21 missions and trying to take into the range of the targets and it’s effects.

Some missions end up a breeze and others are a constant battle to the end.

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Bomber Boys (US-Letter Printing Version)

This PNP file is formatted for 8.5×11″ (US-Letter) size paper.

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