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Isle of Skye (Solo Variant)


Isle of Skye is one of the most beautiful places in the world, with soft sand beaches, gently sloping hills, and impressive mountains.

The landscape of Isle of Skye is breathtaking and fascinates everyone.

In the tile-laying game Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King, 2–5 players are chieftains of famous clans and want to build their kingdoms to score as many points as possible—but in each game, only four of the sixteen scoring tiles will be scored.

Thanks to the scoring tiles, each game is different and leads to different tactics and strategies, but having enough money is useful no matter what else is going on. Managing that money can be tricky, though.

Each turn, each player places two area tiles in front of them and sets the selling price for the tiles.

Setting a high price is great, but only so long as someone actually pays the price because if no one opts to buy, then the seller must buy the tiles at the price they previously requested.

In the end, the player with the best kingdom—and not the richest player—becomes the sovereign of the island.

Solo Variant rules for Isle of Skye

The solo variant uses a deck of 9 cards to emulate the interactions of a 2nd player.

Instead of needing to create a 2nd player’s map, the map is depicted on the nine supplemental cards.

The solo rules can be downloaded in the file section below.

The following video also explains the solo rules and includes a sample playthrough.

SkyeNet Solo Tutorial and Playthrough

Player feedback

The forums at BoardGameGeek often have good discussions about gameplay.
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Solo ideas and discussions

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A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

[2020 Solomode] SkyeNet Solo Automa

The SkyeNet Automa serves to emulate the interactions of a 2-player game, while not requiring the human player to make any decisions on behalf of the Automa.

Instead, the “decisions” made by the system are represented by cards drawn at specific points in the turn process.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Isle of Skye – A Plain and Simple Guide

Plain and Simple Guide for Isle of Skye – 2 sided rules summary, plus 1 sided Appendix with Scoring tiles (with rules clarifications given by the designers added).

>> Click to download PDF <<

Official English Rules

Official English Rules for Isle of Skye

>> Click to download PDF <<

Moonfrog’s Solo Variant

This variant uses an experimental approach to solo-play.

>> Click to download PDF <<