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Snooker Solitaire (PnP)


Description from the designer:

Play through a tournament of five rounds, against ever trickier opponents, win the final and be crowned the BGG World Snooker Champion.

Snooker Solitaire follows standard snooker rules and scoring.
The cards are used to create the table after an initial break, with a different distribution of balls each game.

You’ll need to decide which shot is the best to go for, depending on its difficulty and where the balls will end up for your next shots. The riskier, more difficult pot or the safer, easier one?

The difficulty of each shot is calculated depending on the number of cards between the cue ball and the target pocket, whether there are any other balls in the way and the angle at which you hit the object ball.

You have a Cue (upgradable) with a Power tracker as well as Chalk (needed for trickier shots).

You can opt to apply extra power to reduce the shot difficulty, but both Cue Power and Chalk are limited resources that you’ll need to manage.

Then you roll two dice and if at least one of them scores equal or higher than the difficulty, the pot succeeds.

Miss a shot and there’s a chance your opponent will clear the table and win.


Snooker Solitaire Playthrough


A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

Snooker Solitaire PnP

The balls, cues & chalk, scoreboard, opponents and reference cards.
File works for both A4 & letter size page

>> Click to download PDF <<

Snooker Solitaire Rules v.7

Now includes rules for tied matches and no legal shot, as well as updates to Spin and Foul sections.
Formatted to work for both A4 and Letter size page.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Snooker Solitaire Score Sheet

The Snooker Solitaire Score Sheet now distinguishes between playing safe and playing a snooker.

A foul committed by your opponent will now be correctly scored.

>> Click to download XLSX <<

Eight-Ball Solitaire

This fan-made variation uses the Stripes and Solids Set of balls in an effort to emulate the game of Eight-Ball using the Snooker Solitaire mechanics.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Bowliards Solitaire

This fan-made variation uses the Snooker Solitaire mechanics to emulate the single-player game of Bowliards, which combines billiards and bowling. It can be played with either the original Snooker Solitaire cards or the Stripes and Solids Set.

>> Click to download PDF <<

Stripes and Solids Set

A fanmade variation with the traditional stripes/solids (#1-15) set of balls. This file also contains edited versions of the cue/chalk and score cards. All in anticipation of rules variants for other billiard games.

Note that this version does not contain opponent cards. The original Snooker Solitaire file is still needed for any games that include opponents.

>> Click to download PDF <<