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The Harbinger Project (PnP)


You have just been promoted to lead the newly-formed Harbinger Project – a secret collection of the top allied minds, brought together in an effort to defeat the enemy through foreknowledge of their actions.

By intercepting enemy transmissions and breaking enemy codes, you will be able to make the best use of your military might against the oncoming invasion and show the enemy the true meaning of “forewarned is forearmed.”

The Harbinger Project is a solitaire game using two 8-sided dice and two printed playsheets.

As head of the codebreaking branch, your job is to decide how best to use your time before the enemy invades.

The enemy will invade random locations with random unit types.

Your job is to use your dice and wits to decipher and break the enemy codes, thus allowing you to learn the details of the enemy’s plan before you assign units to defend.

You must also split your time between defending important structures, enciphering friendly codes, and recruiting new units to defend.

The enemy will make 6 invasions in their approach to your capital. They have reserves of 14 of each of 4 different unit types. Your job is to destroy all enemy units before they reach your capital.


The Hardbinger Project Playthrough