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Zogars Revenge (Solo)


Zogar and his minions have made their new home deep within the Black Warrens under the large city of Otansphar. Very little time passed before Zogar was up to his old ways. His first order of business was to create panic in the city above and to make his presence known. He sent out his best thieves in the cover of night to steal the king’s crown. In the morning the king saw the crown was stolen and in its place a piece of paper with a crudely rendered eye scratched onto it.

Word spread quickly and the city was both scared and on high alert.

The Mechanics

Your task is to sneak into Zogar’s lair and reclaim the crown, and escape alive, in order to restore peace and calm to the city!

You are attempting to steal back the crown from the evil wizard Zogar.

First you must turn off the four lanterns in each corner to reveal the hidden crown in the center. During this time you move one space and then flip the tile you left behind. This is to simulate there being light and you being able to see where you are heading.

Once all four lanterns are turned off you must flip the tile you plan to move to before moving and you leave the tile behind you alone. This is to simulate darkness and it makes things a bit harder. You must draw a little bit on your memory as well.

You then make your way to the crown. Now you must do everything in reverse to escape. Once all eyes are turned back on the stairs are revealed again in the center, and you begin to move and then flip the tile behind you again.

All the while you are drawing the attention of the Zogar. If you gain 14 Spot Tokens during the course of the game you are captured and you lose. You will also have to deal with monsters and traps that will steal your health away. Loose all your health and your journey ends.

To deal with combat, you have four personal player tiles and another separate character marker. You move the marker to an adjacent tile and flip the one you left. You take the result of the tile you land on. If you fail to defeat the enemy, you loose one health token, and must move to another tile until you defeat them. This requires strategy and is a tense little puzzle in itself.

There are some treasures that help you out that you can find like daggers, health potions, and holy symbols, but your wit and cunning as a player is what will garner you the victory!

-description from designer


Zogar’s Revenge Tutorial and Walk-through


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