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ERA Middle Ages (Solo Option)


Era: Medieval Age serves as the spiritual successor to Roll Through The Ages.

While Roll Through The Ages was a pioneer for roll-and-write-style games, Era is a pioneer for roll-and-build!

In Era, your dice represent different classes of medieval society as players attempt to build the most prosperous city.

The "build" comes into play as players actually build their cities on their boards.

You will use beautifully modeled three-dimensional components such as walls, keeps, farms, and other structures.

By the end of the game, each player will have a unique city of their very own!

Era: Medieval Age is made even more challenging as players interact with each other in ways such as extortion, scorched earth, and, of course, disease!

Hey, this is the Medieval Age, right?

How to Play Era Medieval Age (And Review)


A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

English Rules – Era: Medieval Age

EN rules

>> Click to download PDF <<

Structures Reference Sheet

A reference sheet that shows some useful information about the Structures in the game including footprint, points awarded, and how many of each are in the game.

>> Click to download PNG <<

Reference cards for dice from the base game and CS1

Two reference cards for dice from the base game and Collector Set 1 for more comortable play. Size 80×120 mm (matching card sleeves can be used).

>> Click to download PDF <<

Scoring Spreadsheet

A simple scoring spreadsheet for Era: Medieval Age. It doesn’t multiply for walls and rivers, but it does sum up for you.

The spreadsheet contains all buildings released in the base game, Rivers and Roads, and the 5 collectors sets.

>> Click to download XLSX <<