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Magic Realm Light 30 (PnP)


Magic Realm Light 30 (MRL30) is a light, solo version of Magic Realm (by Richard Hamblen) which can be played in about 30 minutes on a single A4 printed play-sheet.

The goal is to provide anyone curious enough about Magic Realm a taste of delving to the intricacies of exploring and fighting in the realm.

Players can also use this mini-game to learn about the basic rules and gameplay of the original Magic Realm.

The gameplay closely follows the original Magic Realm, with Birdsong (Planning), Daylight (Action), Evening (Combat) and Midnight (Reset) phases.

Monster spawning and Movement is simplified to cater for the self-drawn map.

Combat closely follows the original Magic Realm rules when playing solo. Hiring followers and using magic is also covered.

"Light 30" (or L30) is a Magic Realm game term, meaning "something Light-weight that takes up 30 units of time".


Magic Realm Light 30 – Playthrough Part 1

Magic Realm Light 30 – Playthrough Part2


A selection of files from BoardGameGeek. Links will open in a new window or tab.

Magic Realm Light 30 – 2nd Edition

21-Jul-2021: Version 2.2

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Magic Realm Light 30 – Fillable PDF Character Sheet

V2 Update

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files for printing

this is a zip of 5 files.

character log
combat chart
denizens and action chits
weapons and treasure chits

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